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M Quiz Questions and Answers

Specialist Cars held exclusive M events last week to celebrate the launch of the new BMW M5 and to showcase the fantastic range of M models. On the night, guests were invited to take part in an M Quiz to test their knowledge. So, here are the eagerly anticipated answers. Would you have known the answer to all of these?

Q1. The BMW 1M coupe was launched earlier this year and was an instant hit with the press. Some said it will be a future classic, and that was before it had even reached the showroom!

450 of these models were produced for the UK market but can you name the 3 standard colours the 1M coupe is available in?

A. Valencia Orange, Alpine White, Sapphire Black

Q2. The new BMW M5 is powered by an impressive 8 cylinder M twin turbo charged engine. The engine utilises all of the proven BMW engine technology such as VANOS (variable valve timing), VALVETRONIC (variable valve adjustment) and high precision fuel injection.

What is the official BHP of this engine?

A. 560 BHP

Q3. In 1994 McLaren cars joined forces with BMW to produce the legendary McLaren F1. Limited to a hundred units, this super car produced 627BHP from its 12 cylinder BMW engine and reached a top speed of 240.1 MPH! The production ended in 1998.

What is the official BMW engine code for the 6 litre, 12 cylinder engine which powered this car?

A. 570 – 2

Q4. The BMW car configurator on the website allows customers to “build” their dream car. They can then save, print or even send the details to a friend.

How many M models are there currently on the configurator for customers to build?

A. 6

Q5. The BMW E36 M3 GT coupe was built in 1995 and was available exclusively in British racing green. This rare car was fitted with an adjustable front spoiler and a more powerful engine than the standard model.

How many of these RHD vehicles were produced for the UK market?

A. 50

Q6. In 2010 the BMW E92 GT2 race car made its Le Mans 24 hour debut. One of the cars entered in the race was chosen to be the 17th BMW Art Car.

What was the name of the American artist who designed the art work on the #79 M3?

A. Jeff Koons

Q7. The BMW M Experience can be found on the website. It guides you through the history of BMW M GmbH with interesting facts, figures, videos and illustrations. The company was originally named BMW Motorsport GmbH.

What year was the BMW Motorsport GmbH division first founded?

A. 1972

Q8. The BMW E92 coupe can be ordered with the optional “competition package” (S07MA) at a cost of £3,385.00.

What does the competition package consist of? Please note: Carbon splitters/spoilers are available separately.

A. Lower suspension, DSC+, EDC, sport mode, Y spoke wheels

Q9. The new BMW M5 is fitted with some clever technology designed to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy but without compromising on power. BMW EfficientDynamics is now available on the M range and includes engine stop/start, light weight engineering and high precision fuel injection.

According to the sales brochure, what is the total combined MPG figure for the new BMW M5?

A. 28.5

Q10. In 1978 BMW Motorsport GmbH, as it was known then, produced their first M badged production car. The car was fitted with a 3.5litre mid positioned engine which produced 277BHP, this was a substantial amount back in 1978. The car was on sale for whopping £22,000.

What was the first M car offered to the public back in 1978?

A. M1

Q11. The M on the M badge stands for motorsport and displays the close connection to its motorsport heritage.

Do you know what the three colours represent on the badge?

A. Blue symbolises the Bavarian flag, Red symbolises Power and the colour in the middle symbolises the bond between the blue and red

Q12. In 2010 BMW M GmbH launched the E92 M3 GTS. All of the cars were produced in orange and were fitted with a slightly larger 4.4 litre V8 engine producing 444BHP. The car utilised light weight engineering and cost approx €115,000 when released.

How much lighter is the M3 GTS compared to the standard model?

A. 70kg

Q13. BMW Motorsport GmbH entered the world of F1 in the early 80’s with the Brabham BMW BT52. 6 cars were produced with 4 cylinder 1499cc, detuned to 600BHP! The M12 engines were turbo charged which could potentially produce 1200BHP.

What year did Nelson Piquet win the Formula 1 drivers world championship at the wheel of the Brabham BMW? BMW finished 3rd in the constructors championship that year.

A. 1983

Q14. BMW returned to F1 in the late 90’s and signed an exclusive agreement with Williams F1 to build a new V10 (the E41) for the FW22 chassis which made its race debut in the year 2000. Williams BMW F1 came third in the construction championship during that first year.

Which British World Champion drove this car back in 2000?

A. Jenson Button

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